Sunday, January 28, 2007

Minus 12 Celcius in Urbana

Originally uploaded by Ragib Hasan.
This is how the outside looks from my window today. Can you guess the temperature? It's -12Celcius, during Daytime!!!

I'm never a big fan of winter, and this is why. Outside, its kind of sunny-but-cloudy, and it looks quite tempting. But the temperature is actually -12C, cold enough to freeze me in seconds!!

Don't get misled by the absence of snow. Actually, the temperature goes up when it snows!!

This is a far cry from the tropical winter in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I wish I'd be back there again ... :(


Dheeman said...

Minus 12. Wow must be cool ;) I think bangladeshis living in there would forget there's a season called "Sheet" here in BD.

Burcin said...

Hey Im Burcin from Turkey and I am admitted to UIUC for my MS degree:)..while searching 'life in urbana champaign' in google, I found your blog and read most of your posts..they are really informative:)..thank you..