Friday, December 01, 2006

First snow of the year

So I was up all night, not for anything particular. It was a rainy night .... but the morning brought the first snow of the year, in the guise of a snow storm. I realized that I didn't manage, in my last 3 winters here, to actually watch a snowstorm.

It looks strangely beautiful, and horrible at the same time. I remember watching those old movies where there will be snow blowing into the actors faces ... this one looks as bad as those.

I am sort of horrified to think what my car will look like after this storm is over. The prediction is for 3 inches of snow, but what I see outside the window looks way deeper than that. I hate to dig my car out of snow, and scrape the ice off the car's body.

Of course, living in midwestern US, we are probably luckier than those living in the east coast, or in the Dakotas.