Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Looking into the Past

Sometimes, I think about, say, 20 or 30 years in the past, and try to imagine how they worked without computers. Then again, I think the people 20 years from now will look into us and our gas-guzzling environment-polluting cars and put on a huge sigh.

But, upon watching an episode of Futurama, I think I'll change my perspective. It was the episode where Fry goes to a museum in the year 3000, and one exhibit is the 20th century factory assembly line. The museum commentator says, they don't know exactly how the 20th century people worked, but their best guess is like this: a bunch of robots, with primitive looking clubs, chanting "Buga Buga Buga!!!".

When it comes to looking into the past, we often do the same. Archaelogists tend to create elaborate theories about the origin of things. I wonder what people 50 years from now would think of us, the modern techologies we cherish, and so on.

Buga buga buga? That's how we are achieving this? Who knows!!

PS: My profound(!!) thoughts come from watching Futurama and Family guy. Yeah, I'm very shallow ... :(