Monday, October 15, 2007

Funny news report

I was reading's coverage of some shoplifting at a Dhaka store. The item was titled "Three arrested on shoplifting charges".

The news was typical: two women and a man were arrested for shoplifting at ETC, a Dhaka MegaStore at Dhanmondi. What amused me was the way the reporter quoted the Police Inspector. Apparently, the alleged shoplifters picked up two Punjabis and a Fatua worth about 60,000 takas. The Police wanted to seize the Punjabis and Fatua as evidence. But, it being the top of the Eid shopping season, the ETC store staff didn't want to give away the expensive clothes.

But the Police Inspector had the upper hand:

A move was underway to file a case against the three as two salespersons for ETC accompanied the police to their station as "part of the legal procedure".

The ETC staff urged the police officer not to take the clothes to the police station, but he did not listen to them and insisted: "They are required for filing a case."

Arriving on the second floor of the shop, the Police officer told the ETC staff: "Hey, I didn't get any commission (discount) on a punjabi and a belt I bought from you guys."

"Now look, some clothes are with me," he said jokingly, grabbing the stolen items as he sat on the sofa.

Very funny, and that it made into the report was even funnier.