Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year-ending Group Lunch

Rishi proposed that we should have a group lunch to celebrate the end of the year. So, Prof. Winslett and our whole group went to El Toro for a group lunch on Saturday, December 17. I was interested in meeting Arash, another student of Prof. Winslett, whom I am yet to meet. However he didn't show up. Lars was also missing.

Anyway, the lunch was good. I was surprised though, because I thought El Toro would be a costlier restaurant. It turns out that El Toro is a chain restaurant, and this is one of the two branches in Champaign.

We had a nice chat during the lunch. Everyone recounted where we have travelled, the different anecdotes from the travel experiences, and also where we want to go. I haven't travelled to too many countries. The only two I've been to are India and USA. But if I get the chance, I want to visit Europe and South America. My cherished place is the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. I also want to visit the Pacific Islands like the Easter Island, Tahiti etc. I've read so much about them since I was a kid.

It was great to have such a nice gathering. It enhances the interaction among the students of our group (although already we have a lot of interaction going on). Posted by Picasa

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