Friday, March 10, 2006

India beats China

A recent list of billionaires published by Forbes shows that, there are more Indian US Dollar Billionaires than Chinese ones. Among the 793 US Dollar Billionaires of the world, 23 are Indian compared to 8 Chinese ones.

I looked through the list with quite an interest. As predicted, Lakshikant Mittal, the steel king, is the top Indian billionaire. But he's followed by Azim Premji of Wipro, the software company. Then there is the usual march of Ambanis, Birlas etc.

I was quite impressed to see Anurag Dikshit , a 33 year old IIT Delhi Grad. Apparently, he's the co-founder of , which makes his net worth at US $ 3.3 billion!! Who says coding doesn't pay!!!


Billy Joe Mills said...


This is a great post. You might have noticed that I love data, particularly economic data. Plus, I am always looking for reasons why more democratic and relatively progressive developing nations like India are better than China, hahaha. Perhaps though this is a bad sign and it means that the Gini coefficient for India points to a higher concentration of wealth within the elites

But, in fact, I just looked up the stats on the CIA site and found that China has a higher level of income inequality than India. Also, China's level of income quality is similar to that of the U.S. So much for equal distribution of income.

Anyways, thanks again.

naser said...

Coding does pay,when..lets say you are:

* An "Indian"
* A star-wars geek
* Work at google and enjoy tonsa free goodies
* Just plain lucky not to get lost in the crowded world of talented coders...

but, what the heck...soon you'll earn a shit load of money anyway :)

PS: I'm also testing out two new brainchild of web 2.0 called cocomment and co.mment via this reply.