Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pining for snow!

Usually, I'd be gloomy all through the midwest winter. Until I came to Illinois 3 years ago, the only ice I'd ever see was inside the freezer. The last to harsh winters had me wishing a relief from the snow for months.

But this year, things are different.

It only snowed for a day or two in December. That snowfall was quite heavy. But after that, there hasn't been any snow even as we reach the end of January.

Is this the global warming effect people have been dreading for long? I watched the movie "The Day after Tomorrow" recently, and the movie now seems more and more realistic.

Anyway, as a result 0f the snow-less winter, I'm kind of missing the flurries and powdery snows, and the funny way of walking on the snow. Strange!!!


naser said... can't be fun with that much snow around right? Anyway, Rana should blog more often, cuz your columns are usually a treat to read..besides the first ever Bd-blogger's convention is gonna be held in Dhaka on 4th it might just be (might not be either) a matter of time before hard-core blogging gets the focus of the usual net-users of BD.

Naser said...

Thanks for that tip on C/C++ acquisition ;) and THANKS A LOT FOR POINTING OUT THE TEMPLATE-MESS UP. What actually happened was that the bg-image had a gray border, so it showed up in any machine that had a resolution>1024 x 768. I was using the "fixed-no repeat" effect and thus the crap border showed up :( Anyway, I hope that was the actual error you pointed out..and yesterday's bd-blogger's convention was great..check out the official blog post ofrezwan bhai or maybe shafi bhai (who also seems to be an avid disciple of yours).