Saturday, November 12, 2005

ACM StorageSS 2005 in George Mason University

I'm just back from a trip to ACM StorageSS 2005, co-located with ACM CCS, in George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. I had 2 papers published in this conference. The first one, was on Storage Service Providers, and the second one was on Storage Threat Models.

3 members of our StorageSS group: Bill, Suvda and I went to the conference. Bill was also the program chair. The experience of attending the conference was a good one ... I met a lot of people in the Storage field. For example, I met Kevin Fu, the MIT guy. designed of SFS, now an assistant prof at U Mass. Amherst. Yongdae Kim from UMN was there, and so was Ethan Miller from UC Santa Cruz. I also met other grad students from StonyBrook, UMN, and UCSC.

Many of the talks were insightful. Since I work in the area, I knew about most of the topics, and had discussions/chats with the bigwigs during the lunch and coffee breaks.

Mine was the first presentation of the day. I had practised extensively, so everything went smoothly. Bill (Yurcik) was happy with the talk.

Prof. Winslett, my advisor, came to the talk. She also introduced me to Will Winsborough (Prof. at UT San Antonio) , Prof. Ning Yu (from Purdue), and some Italian researchers (Bonatti, Samarati).

George Mason University is one of those traditional east-coast schools, about 30 miles away from Downtown Washington D.C. Not too big, but the campus was nice.

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