Sunday, October 23, 2005

Star Trek

I like watching Star Trek, but I'm not sure which series I like: Star Trek Original Series or the Next Generation.

One thing is that I've seen more of Star Trek TNG than TOS. The TNG is in syndication now, so I watch at least 5-8 episodes per week. Although there are about 63 episodes in the original series, I've seen only the first season.

Of course, I like Captain Kirk more than captain Picard. Somehow I find Kirk more heroic. Picard sometimes look too much pompous to me, too much diplomatic.

Anyway, the characters I don't like would be Worf and Troy.

By the way, among the movies, definitely I like the ones from the original series (Star Trek 1-6). The newer movies are aweful.

And, I definitely don't like the newer serieses, like Star Trek:Voyager, Star Trek:Deep Space 9, and Star Trek:Enterprise.

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